Sally-Ann Spence holding a selection of cockroaches

Minibeast Mayhem - Educational Workshops

Minibeast Mayhem is an outreach educational resource that brings a selection of workshops into schools for exciting and practical learning experiences. Based near Swindon on the borders of Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Berkshire, these workshops can be tailored to individual requirements. Hands-on learning with insects and other invertebrates that guarantees to engage and increase the understanding of any ability across any cohort. The shapes, sizes, colours and how they move. What they do and how they live their lives. Sally-Ann Spence FRES FLS of Minibeast Mayhem provides educational and fun experiences with invertebrates introducing your pupils to the fascinating science of entomology. Let me bring the extraordinary life in the undergrowth to meet you face to face!

Other Educational Workshops available from Minibeast Mayhem include:
  • 'From Field to Fork' is an agricultural workshop designed to turn your classroom into your pupils very own farm!
  • 'Under our Feet' is a fantastic workshop that brings a Natural History museum to life in your school!

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The Bug Scientist

Minibeast Mayhem's KS3 & KS4 Bug Workshop.
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Under our Feet

Minibeast Mayhem's Natural History Workshop.
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From Field to Fork.

Minibeast Mayhem's very own Farming Workshop.
Ideal for Science Weeks & STEM.
Minibeast Mayhem is a selection of School Workshops that want to get you as excited about Bugs, Natural History & Farming as we are! It is a fantastic educational resource and an incredible interactive experience for Foundation, KS1, KS2, KS3 & KS4.

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  • Minibeast Mayhem is an outreach educational resource that can come into your school and captivate your class. Experience the most amazing hands on big bug interaction with members of the Bug Team!
  • The Minibeast Mayhem Roadshow encourages science activities and increases the scope for learning with many Curriculum Links. Covering topics such as; Evolution, Anatomy, Life Cycles, Biology & Biodiversity, Eco-Systems, Food Chains, Species Identification and Classification.
  • The Minibeast Mayhem Roadshow also teaches about Habitats and Adaptations with an understanding of what are Minibeasts, why they are important to us and how they really are a very vital part of the world we live in.
  • Minibeast Mayhem Roadshow is a selection of workshops guaranteed to be the best introduction to life processes and living things, knowledge and understanding. It encourages using investigative skills, ideas and evidence in science.
  • Minibeast Mayhem believes you learn more through fun. Each visit is designed not only to be an education but also a truly great experience that leaves everyone with plenty to think about.
  • Minibeast Mayhem School Roadshows are designed to support the National Curriculum in your classroom and can easily be tailored to meet your topic requirements.
More information & a link to a booking form coming soon for this seriously exciting event!
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Events, Clubs, Talks and Media
Minibeast Mayhem will make your special event totally unique. I guarantee that everyone will have fun and also plenty to talk about. It is an amazing experience for the young and old!

Bring your attraction alive with the WOW Factor and engage your public in an educational experience. Why not increase your attendance with the unusual and include something completely out of the ordinary…

Listen to Sally-Ann of Minibeast Mayhem at the Oxford Castle Unlocked event in February.
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or being interviewed by Radio Oxford whilst out on the road…
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Clubs and Talks
No one is too old or young for a fun and perhaps rather unusual talk about bugs! Get your members enthused and seeing the world through slightly different eyes!

Why not book a totally unique experience that will fascinate and educate…
It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living.
Sir David Attenborough
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Minibeast Mayhem Endorses The Amateur Entomologists

The club for children interested in insects & other arthropods

Minibeast Mayhem Endorses The Amateur Entomologists

The next NIW will be 20th to 26th June 2016. Get involved, get results and celebrate our native insects with your school, family or friends!