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Sally-Ann Spence of Minibeast Mayhem with Matty the Mantis Hierodula friendlii

Minibeast Mayhem have all sorts of amazing invertebrates hatching throughout the year. If you do happen to book me on a day when we might have something else a little special, and not already introduced to you here, I will try to bring it with me.

Holding any of The Bug Team is strictly a personal choice and it is down to you as an individual should you wish to. I want you to enjoy your experience and you just might surprise yourself! The Minibeast Mayhem Roadshow wants more than anything for the visit to you to be as much fun as it is interesting. We all learn through experience.

The Minibeast Mayhem Roadshow does not include Scorpions, Spiders or Snakes.

To put younger children at ease, I use a variety of non-living invertebrate objects to help illustrate the Minibeast topic.

Now it is time to introduce just a few of
The Bug Team who want to get up close and personal with you!

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Ghost Mantis - Phyllocrania paradoxa

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Macleays Spectre - Extatosoma tiaratum

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Giant Land Snail - Achatina fulica

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Touch Me Not - Aerataon asperrimus

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Jungle Nymph (male) - Heteropteryx dilatata

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Jungle Nymph - Heteropteryx dilatata

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Giant Train Millipede - Archispirostreptus gigas

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Saddle Beetles - Pachnoda marginata peregrina

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Giant Cave Cockroach - Blaberus gigantea

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Headlight Cockroach - Lucihormetica subcinta

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Malay Ghost Grasshopper - Aularches milliaris

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Horse Head Grasshopper - Psuedoproscopia latirostris

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Giant Dead Leaf Mantis - Deroplatys desiccata

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Jewelled Flower Mantis - Creobroter gemmatus

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Lime Green Stick Insect - Diapherodes gigantea

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Floridian Giant Katydid - Stilpnochlora couloniana

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New Guinea Spiny Devil - Eurycantha calcarata

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Leaf Cockroach - Archimandrita tesselata

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Macleays Spectre (male) - Extatosoma tiaratum

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Floridian Katydid (nymph) - Stilpnochlora couloniana

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Tiger Hissing Cockroach - Princisia vanwaerebecki

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Domino Cockroach - Therea petiveriana

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Leaf Insect - Phyllium philippinicum

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Indian Stick Insect - Carausius morosus

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Giant Cave Cockroach - Blaberus gigantea

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Madagascan Hissing Cockroach - Gromphadorhina oblongonota

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Green Banana Cockroach - Panchlora nivea

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Malaysian Katydid (nymph) - Ancylecha fenestrata

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Zomproi Stick Insect - Parapachymorpha zomproi

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Millipedes - Telodeinopus sp.

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Pink Winged Stick Insect - Sipyloidea sipylus

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Giant African Fruit Beetle - Chellorhina polyphemus

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Flat Horned Cockroach - Aeluropoda insignis

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Thailand Stick Insect - Baculum thaii

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Giant Asian Mantis - Hierodula membranacea

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African Fruit Beetle - Eudicella schultzeorum pseudowoermani