AES - Amateur Entomologists Society & The Bug Club -
If you would like to join an invertebrate society I would strongly recommend the AES. For Children the AES Bug Club is great fun and educational. They hold lots of fantastic events throughout the year and are very open to all Entomologists, both qualified, amateur and those with simply just an passing interest. Why not read for yourselves about just a few of the great things the AES Bug Club get up to in the Bug Blog.

Oxford University Natural History Museum - This is a totally awesome museum to visit with your family and/or school. Bursting with amazing as well as unique Natural History collections and a superb Entomology department.

Harper Adams University - Harper Adams University offers a selection of entomological courses.

NIW - National Insect Week -
Great website, jam packed with invertebrate information, surveys and links. Fantastic resources available at any time.

World Wide Butterflies -
Butterflies and Moths ideal for the beginner to expert, both Adult and Child. Schools also catered for with all the rearing equipment readily available.

Bug Count -
Download a pack for you or your school so you can take part in a UK wide Bug Survey to investigate how built up environments affect invertebrates. Great fun, educational and gets you out there!

Ancient Craft -
Looking for a prehistory expert to come into your school? James Dilley is a professional archeologist who runs workshops for schools.

Roves Farm -
A trip to Roves Farm is worth doing with a great range of habitats for bug hunting as a family, with friends or as a school visit. Bug themed events also take place at the visitors centre.

John Holdship -
John is a seriously cool photographer. He really does do some awesome photography with Schools, Food and Portraits of people as well as all sorts of other commissions. Go on and challenge him with something entirely different! He also did this website and did not mind the insects quite literally crawling all over him!