School Workshops

Choose a Workshop (or two) listed below for your school. If you would like it tailored to touch on something you are directly covering in class, please contact me and let me know.

The Mini Bug Workshop – Pre-School, Nursery & Reception

(Ideally taught to small groups of 10 or less in ½ hour sessions)
Sally-Ann Spence and Mantis
This is where the fun begins! A real hands on experience with a selection of large invertebrates carefully chosen to illustrate the diversity and wonder of life in the undergrowth. The children are introduced to Matty the Mantis hand puppet first and finish the show with a nursery rhyme such as Incy Wincy Spider. In between they learn why colours matter, why shape is so important and how invertebrates move. Who eats what and why they live where they do. Legs are counted and other differences between us and insects are highlighted. Interaction is also encouraged with the use of non living invertebrate resources.
“Sally-Ann provided an absolutely amazing experience for our Foundation Stage children. The children were thoroughly engaged and incredibly astounded at the vast variety of mini-beasts that were available for them to encounter. It was a fantastic way to kick-off our topic and is highly recommended, Thank you so much!!”
Dannie Hunt. Foundation Stage Teacher at Watchfield Primary School.

The Big Bug Workshop KS1 + KS2

(Ideally taught to groups of 12 or less in ½ hour sessions)
Sally-Ann Spence and her Cockroaches
The fun continues! A brilliant hands on experience with a large selection of invertebrates. Life cycles are clearly explained with the use of models and live insects. Beetle grub racing is always popular and not only illustrates invertebrate behaviour but also increases everyone's interaction. Habitats, Evolution, Adaptations, Anatomy, Species Identification and Classification are all included and illustrated. The children are put at ease with the use of real invertebrates sealed in resin blocks and pinned specimens in display cases. The children are encouraged to discuss what they see, what the live invertebrates feel like and why they behave the way they do.
“…The children were fascinated to learn about all the different creatures and it really helped them understand how minibeasts were just as important to the ecosystem as larger animals. The children were all able to handle various insects and they thoroughly enjoyed this. The children were all put at ease by Sally Ann's approach to minibeasts and her enthusiasm really captured the children's enthusiasm… It was a great experience for all (including the adults) and was so much fun. Thank you so much…”
Amanda Rogers. Headteacher of South Stoke Primary School.

The Bug Scientist KS2 + KS3 + KS4

(Can be taught to a whole class at once for an hour or longer. The children must not be pre warned of the show contents!)
Sally-Ann Spence the Bug Scientist
This is a truly fantastic experience for KS2 and upwards! The Bug Scientist is a really fun and informative interactive show. It is a exciting mix of Horrible Histories, Bush Tucker Trials and Entomology. The children learn about why invertebrates are important to our planet, in the past and in our future. They are also taught how insects have affected mankind and how we actually use insects to enrich our daily lives. Caterpillar Spit, Insect Vomit and Bug Blood are just some of the things unravelled as well as the concept of Edible Invertebrates. The show then finishes with live Big Bug handling and the children's curiosity is actively encouraged with an open discussion in a question and answer session. Great for STEM and Science Weeks.
Please note - this is an interactive show. Staff are asked to taste insect vomit and devour an edible bug. If you take the challenge you will be rewarded with true respect from your pupils for a very long time!

“The children were buzzing from your Bug Science workshops yesterday. Having a passionate expert delivering a hands on opportunity for the children was exactly what we were looking for. The children are currently working on a project called Beast Creator and your information about the impact that insects have on our world was particularly relevant to this. And yes.... they did really enjoy watching staff eat bugs! Thank you very much and I am sure that we will be in touch in the future for some more workshops.”
Alison Ashcroft. Headteacher of Sutton Courtenay CE Primary School.

Introducing Entomology! KS3 + KS4

(This is an Interactive lesson that can be taught to a whole class at once for an hour or longer and encourages open discussion with real invertebrates.)
Sally-Ann Spence the Bug Scientist
From solving a murder to designing a Mars rover, the science of entomology is in our lives more than you ever thought! This encounter could even make your students consider entomology as a possible future career choice. They will discover what an Entomologist is and why the work they do is so important to all of us. They will begin to understand how invertebrate life directly effects our lives around the world. This is entomology at its most exciting and it's bought to your class/tutor group with inspiration, enthusiasm and a real hands on live invertebrate experience. Great for STEM and Science Weeks.
“What great experience for our students! The lesson definitely complimented our science module and it was interesting for the students to consider a wider range of future employment within the scientific community - they certainly were inspired! I was also very impressed at how well my students interacted with Sally-Ann and felt they gained an enormous amount from the visit. I also appreciated that we over ran into break as the students were quite simply bursting with questions!"

From Field to Fork KS2 + KS3

(This is an Interactive lesson that can be taught to a whole class at once for a morning or afternoon and encourages open discussion.)
Sally-Ann Spence the Bug Scientist
This is an incredibly original farming roadshow embracing arable, livestock, organic and inorganic practices. Let your classroom become your pupils very own farm for an exciting and fun packed morning or afternoon. Presented in an imaginative and informative way using roll play and a collection of agricultural resources. The growth of a seed is explained and the whole farming year with its highs and lows is acted out. The children will learn loads and remember lots with open discussion encouraged.
This workshop was brilliant - Sally-Ann came to explain about the importance of growing healthy crops and good farming practice. My KS2 class were thoroughly engaged and learnt so much from this visit. Everyone was able to participate in the activities and could not stop talking about what they had learned. I can thoroughly recommend this experience it is worth every penny! - Val Hughes KS2 Teacher, Longcot & Fernham CE Primary School.

Under Our Feet KS2 & KS3

(This is an Interactive lesson that can be taught to a whole class at once for a morning or afternoon and encourages open discussion.)
Sally-Ann Spence the Bug Scientist
A workshop that introduces and illustrates what really is under our feet. The children will learn about our planet with its magma, tectonic plates, mountains, volcanoes and also igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Fossilisation is described with student participation in roll play and then a selection of real artefacts are shown ranging from 4000 million years old to today. Many questions are raised and answered including wether fossilisation is still happening, why is rubbish so important in archeology, what can we learn from individual finds and do we have 'living fossils' with us today?

A really fun and informative workshop that embraces geography, history, science with archeology, palaeontology and Natural History. Great for Science Weeks, STEM work and topic enhancement.
"This really is a great resource! We are a small rural school and Sally-Ann presented a whole school assembly before spending a day of workshops with each class. She was able to adjust each of her workshops to take into account every age cohort and we were extremely impressed. Her use of roll play was extremely imaginative and we had great fun being 'fossilised'! The whole experience has stayed with our children with several inspired individuals going home and bringing in work they had done themselves on rocks, fossils and general archaeology. We also felt very privileged that our children could actually hold such ancient and amazing artefacts." Karen Jupp. Headteacher of Stanton Harcourt Primary School