About Me

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I live on a farm on the Oxfordshire Downs with young children of my own, an assortment of animals and a house full of invertebrates!

I am passionately involved in getting people in touch with the natural world around them and I myself am on a constant quest to learn more about our incredible planet, its ecology and environments. I believe, that to enhance any learning experience, practical interactions are vital and help to consolidate knowledge.

With a degree in Rural Environmental Management then further specialising in Entomology, I originally worked for the Suffolk Wildlife Trust managing fenland for the Fen Raft Spider then became an Education Officer for 18 years before setting up Minibeast Mayhem. As a primary school governor, an Amateur Entomologists' Society Bug Club committee member, a Fellow of both the Royal Entomological Society and the Linnean Society of London as well as an Honorary Associate of Education at the Oxford University Natural History Museum and a member of the RES Outreach & Development Commitee, I am involved in many environmental projects for young people and a rather vocal promotor of entomology. I am keen to bring hands-on and exciting science into schools to inspire our 'ologists' of the future.

I grew up on a farm in the beautiful Suffolk countryside surrounded by many animals. I had the privilege of a fantastic childhood were I was free to roam this countryside exploring woods, ditches and meadows, examining in minute detail all the life that abounded there. I would sit for hours watching wildlife and making notes. My love and understanding of the natural world started there. It has grown with me throughout my life and now I hope to excite, encourage and educate the next generation about this amazing world we live in.

It is sometimes hard to feel an affiliation with a natural world that often feels anything but. People living in inner cities can find this world almost alien. Our own children grow up no longer getting to roam and play in our countryside. I want to provide the opportunity for people to actually hold, see and even smell just some of it. An educational experience that brings it all to life. In fact it's the small life, our invertebrates, that captivate me the most and I tend to get rather excited about them!

I have travelled extensively looking at various habitats around the world and have studied many invertebrates. We all have someone inspirational in our lives. I grew up reading Gerald Durrell and watching Sir David Attenborough on television and he has been a huge inspiration to me as well as countless others. I have been extremely honoured to meet Sir David in person and he told me to never stop learning about our natural world and to enthuse the next generation. This is now my ethos.

Trying to put more Entomology and Natural History into the school curriculum, hoping to inspire more kids to become scientists, always ready to support young people with these interests and happiest when I am sharing knowledge.