Curriculum Links

Science, Art, Design and Technology, Geography, English, ICT, Mathematics and History are just some of the subjects embraced within these educational school workshops. All are personally designed to be fun experiences delivered in an exciting and totally original way. Your pupils will be engaged and learning - guaranteed!

All my roadshows are here to be used by you to promote your pupils learning experience and to help them increase their knowledge. Please CONTACT ME to organise a bespoke workshop should you require it to enhance your chosen topic.

Suitable for Gifted and Talented children as well as those with Special Educational Needs.

Workshop Curriculum Links:
Ideas & evidence in science
Investigative skills
Humans & other animals
Materials & their properties
Life processes & living things
Green plants
Variation & classification
Living things & their environment
Use communication
Recognise Health & Safety
Speaking and listening
Group discussion & interaction
Drama activities
Design and Technology
Developing, planning and communicating ideas
Explore the sensory qualities of materials
Knowledge & understanding of materials
Chronological understanding
Knowledge and understanding of events, people & changes in the past
Historical interpretation
Historical enquiry
Local history study
Organisation & communication
British history
Vikings & Romans
Geographical enquiry and skills
Knowledge & understanding of places
Knowledge & understanding of patterns & processes
Knowledge and understanding of environmental change
Sustainable development
Rock & soils, history of the Earth
Number patterns & sequences
The number system
Processing, representing & interpreting data
Art and Design
Exploring & developing ideas
Investigating art, craft & design
Evaluating & developing work
Knowledge & understanding
Finding things out
Developing ideas & making things happen
Exchanging and sharing information
Reviewing, modifying and evaluating work as it progresses
Preparing to play an active roll as citizens
( KS1- 2a,b,e,g,i & KS2- 2a,j )
Developing a healthy & safer lifestyle
Practical interaction has been proven to greatly increase the learning process. In short, we learn best practically through our senses. Touch, sight, sound and taste are the main senses that leave us with a lasting memory.
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