Minibeast Mayhem - Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need a member of staff present?
Yes. Having a visitor into school is always exciting for the children, especially when they bring live creatures with them. I will be talking to the group as a whole but I will need to concentrate on each individual child if they choose to handle any invertebrates.

What should we do if we have really nervous children?
I am very sympathetic to the fears associated with invertebrates. I use a selection of non-living teaching aids. The emphasis is on learning not frightening and I am experienced at replacing fears with awe.

Do you bring Risk Assessments with you?
Yes. I have a selection of risk assessments associated with each individual roadshow and event that can be sent to your School prior to my visit if requested.

How much room do you require?
For schools I need approximately 3m x 1m for my display with enough for your children to sit comfortably in front. School hall or classroom is ideal with light and warmth.

My staff are frightened of spiders…
Do not worry, I do not bring any spiders, scorpions or snakes with me.

Why do you teach the younger children in groups rather than as whole class?
I teach the younger children in groups to keep everyone totally engaged and with no "wriggly bottom" moments!

We are a multi age range school, can we book more than one roadshow for the day?
Yes. The different roadshows are designed to support the national curriculum at various Keg Stages throughout your school.

Do you do completely bespoke workshops if our staff let you know what we have been specifically covering in class?
Yes. The workshops listed are frame works and I like to work out of the box!

We are home schoolers, can we book you?
Yes. I work closely with the home schooling community.

Are you insured and CRB checked?
Minibeast Mayhem School Roadshows