Minibeast Mayhem Teaching Woodstock Home Educator
Stanton Harcourt CofE Primary School
The Bug Scientist workshop was a great hit with my Year 5/6 class. From the disgusting elements of insect vomit and bug blood, the excitement of making their teacher eat a cricket and the realisation that insects are a very important part of our lives.

Sally Ann was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Her exciting presentation was infectious and the fifth element to the whole show. The children learnt so many new scientific words, including parts of an insect, thorax, abdomen and antennae; but in a fun way mixed with vocabulary such as vomit, blood and spit. Something for everyone.

It wasn’t just the children who were amazed, as we discovered how much our lives have depended on insects; whether that has been supporting a country’s economy or maintaining the ecosystem around us. Our future may even rely on insects. Hence the teacher eats an insect. It may not be live; however it still has the effect of creating gleeful laughter and horrified gasps. The message is effectively put across.

I would thoroughly recommend the Bug Scientist workshop. Not only did the children thoroughly enjoy themselves and learnt a lot; there is a wealth of directions which you could continue and build on from this knowledge, science, economic well-being, PHSCE, art, technology, geography to name but a few. I was also enthused by Sally Ann's presentation, which has inspired me to try different teaching strategies.
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Anne Batten KS2 teacher, Stanton Harcourt CofE Primary School
Minibeast Mayhem Teaching Woodstock Home Educator
Wheatley C of E Primary School
Wow what a wonderful afternoon! Sally-Ann is passionate about invertebrates and that energy completely enthused and captivated our Year 2 for an entire afternoon and even beyond home time. Next time we will simply have to book her for the whole day.
Minibeast Mayhem Teaching Woodstock Home Educator
Woodstock Home Educator's Group
The Minibeast Mayhem Roadshow was extremely popular with all the children, and Sally-Ann adapted her workshop brilliantly to suit the different ages. The children loved to see and handle the beautiful insects. They learnt lots and Sally-Ann kept everyone involved. It really was a 'hands-on' experience and we hope to invite them back again next year.
Minibeast Mayhem at Charlbury Primary School
Charlbury Primary School
The children had a brilliant day looking at the mini beasts. It was fascinating seeing their responses to all the weird and wonderful creatures. We were particularly pleased that you covered lots of stuff that they can include in their mini beast books, they are writing for their final project in Y2. Lots of them were inspired to look up your beasties in the topic books to find out more about them. It was all very relevant to the curriculum and appropriate for their age group. Excellent teaching too!
Minibeast Mayhem at Charlbury Primary School
Shellingford CE Primary School
‘Minibeast Mayhem’ is fun, informative and engaging - it certainly had our Year 1 and Foundation stage pupils enthralled! Sally-Ann had a lovely manner with the children and it gave them (and us!) a marvellous insight into the insect kingdom. In times such as this when purse strings are tight, we feel it represented excellent value for money.
Minibeast Mayhem at Sutton Courtenay C of E Primary School
Sutton Courtenay C of E Primary School
The children were buzzing from your Bug Science workshops yesterday. Having a passionate expert delivering a hands on opportunity for the children was exactly what we were looking for. The children are currently working on a project called Beast Creator and your information about the impact that insects have on our world was particularly relevant to this. And yes… they did really enjoy watching staff eat bugs!

Thank you very much and I am sure that we will be in touch in the future for some more workshops.
Minibeast Mayhem at Charlbury Primary School
St. Marys CE Primary School
Thank you for your visit yesterday, it was a brilliant day and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. It was pitched at just the right level for them. We have lots of talking this morning about your visit and they were still excited!
We hope that you will be able to visit again next year.
Minibeast Mayhem at Benson Primary School
Benson Primary School
Thanks for today Sally-Ann. My reception class loved the bugs! They were buzzing afterwards. It was great to see some of the more reserved children from my class build up the confidence to hold the bugs and talk to you about what they had learnt… I felt quite teary and proud at some points. You had a brilliant rapport with them! Many thanks again for coming out to see us. It was a great session and I was so glad that my class had the chance to have such an amazing hands on experience with such unusual insects.
Minibeast Mayhem at Orchard Meadow Primary School
Orchard Meadow Primary School
Thank you Sally-Ann for the best start to a new topic ever! The children chose minibeasts for their topic this term and we wanted an exciting way to launch the new topic. We couldn’t have wished for more! Thank you for sharing your amazing knowledge and enthusiasm with us. I am sure we will see you back at Orchard Meadow very soon.
Minibeast Mayhem at South Stoke Primary School
South Stoke Primary School
Our school was completely amazed by the many creatures that Sally Ann turned up with. The children were fascinated to learn about all the different creatures and it really helped them understand how minibeasts were just as important to the ecosystem as larger animals. The children were all able to handle various insects and they thoroughly enjoyed this. The children were all put at ease by Sally Ann's approach to minibeasts and her enthusiasm really captured the children's enthusiasm. They were all able to tell their parents and friends lots of new information. Our school is small so Sally Ann was able to spend lots of time with each group ranging from foundation to year 6 and all children were able to access her knoweldge and learn so much. It was a great experience for all (including the adults) and was so much fun. Thank you so much. We will see you again.
Minibeast Mayhem at Iver Village Infant School
Iver Village Infant School
Sally-Ann was brilliant at engaging with the children – talking and listening to them. She brought a wide variety of bugs with fantastic facts and knowledge on all of them. Sally-Ann answered the children's questions well, was interesting and gave lots of reassurance to nervous children.
Minibeast Mayhem at Faringdon Young Farmers
The Portsmouth Grammar School
Thank you for a wonderful afternoon last Friday. Your minibeast workshop was fabulous and kick started our new topic perfectly. Your knowledge is amazing and all the staff learnt so much from you and your interest and enthusiasm was contagious. The children are now so excited and interested about the insects and it has inspired them to research and write fabulous fact files which is wonderful when they are only 5 and 6 years old. We definitely have new respect for our invertebrate friends.

With this in mind, we would love you to come to visit us again next year.
Minibeast Mayhem Teaching Crofton Anne Dale Infant School
Crofton Anne Dale Infant School
A big thank you to Sally-Ann for the fantastic day that she spent at our school. Her enthusiasm for the mini-beasts was infectious and she captivated the children from Reception to Year 2 for the whole day! Pupils and teachers alike were wowed by the various amazing mini-beasts they met and were able to handle. Sally-Ann’s wealth of knowledge has helped us enrich the curriculum for our children and has inspired many to go off and independently research bugs that have captured their interest. Everyone just wished they could have spent more time with Sally-Ann and her mini-beast team. We would love her to come back next February, but for 2 days next time please!
Minibeast Mayhem at Faringdon Young Farmers
Faringdon Junior Young Farmers Club
Thank you for your fantastic talk on your invertebrates. It was very interesting. Being able to hold the insects was really good. We learnt so much and it was a lot more fun than our science lessons at school. We were surprised as to how many different types of cockroaches there are - a lot of us thought there were only Hissing Cockroaches.

We all really enjoyed the evening and found it very interesting. Thank you very much!
Minibeast Mayhem at Charlbury Primary School
Roves Farm Visitor Centre
A great variety of insects in all shapes and sizes were available for our visitors to see, they were also given fantastic opportunities to hold some of them.
Everyone, no matter of their age, were absolutely captivated by the bugs and the roadshow certainly added to our own static attractions.
Sally-Ann's knowledge, enthusiasm and fondness for her bugs is amazing. Her ability to talk and teach any age group is a true skill.
We would welcome Sally-Ann and her Minibeast Mayhem back to the farm anytime.
Minibeast Mayhem at Charlbury Primary School
Spinnaker Tower
I am very happy to give you feedback. In terms of things I heard our guests saying, many were surprised by how knowledgeable you and your team were and how interesting you made it. From my point of view I felt your roadshow added an unexpected bonus to our guests day out. Of course there were some people who knew you were coming due to our publicity. However there were many more who were not aware and all the more pleased upon finding you on View Deck 1. The only comments we got from our guests were extremely positive and I genuinely believe that you managed to live up to our group mission statement which is engaging stories, memorable places. We had nearly 2500 visitors through the doors over the two days which is fantastic! Myself and all of my team found you and your team a pleasure to work with and I would be most delighted if we were to use your services again in the future. Thank you.
Minibeast Mayhem at Faringdon Infant School
Faringdon Infant School
The Faringdon Infant School Reception team and children would like to thank Sally-Ann for a very special and memorable day. It was exciting, fun and extremely engaging. We all learnt a lot of interesting facts about minibeasts and had the chance to get very close to, and in some cases hold things we have not had the opportunity to look at before!

Thank you again and we look forward to your visit next year!
Minibeast Mayhem at Seven Fields Primary School
Seven Fields Primary School & Nursery
Our Nursery children were fascinated by the wide range of minibeasts that Sally-Ann brought to show us. Every child had the opportunity to choose to hold or closely observe a large number of minibeasts. This experience is a must for any class involved in a minibeast topic.
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Faringdon Art Society
Sally-Ann brought her collection of insects to the Art Drop In group. We had a wonderful morning drawing and painting these fascinating creatures. They all behaved themselves and kept very still so we could study and draw them.
Minibeast Mayhem at Seven Fields Primary School
Westgate Nursery School & Creche
The Minibeast Roadshow was thoroughly enjoyed by children, parents and staff alike. The bugs in resin really helped to build the children's confidence in handling the live creatures and the delivery of the introduction to the invertebrates by Sally-Ann certainly captured the children's imaginations and held their attention. A wonderful experience that we can't wait to repeat!
Minibeast Mayhem at Hillsborough Day Nursery & Pre-Prep School
Hillsborough Day Nursery
We would just like to say a big thank you to Sally-Ann for making the last day of Nursery for our big children moving up to school such a special one. Minibeast Mayhem is a fantastic concept and a great way to introduce young children to the wonders of the insect world without the fear that sometimes accompanies these creatures. Our Pre-school children were in total awe of the insects, they were able to handle them which in turn provoked amazing conversations and even more amazing questions being asked! Sally-Ann has an amazing way of making sure the whole visit is totally age appropriate. We will definitely be asking for a return visit.
Minibeast Mayhem Teaching Woodstock Home Educator
Unicorn Theatre, London
It was a really fun, and engaging, event for both the children and adults in our audience. The interactive elements really worked well to convey the educational aspects
of bugs anatomy, their diet and how bugs are necessary for different communities to survive. All this information was incorporated into a brilliant live show that included the children dressing as bugs and the grown-ups tasting some crunchy specimens. The presentation was complete with a giant stick insect crawling on our bug scientist host and this definitely added to the enjoyment and intensity. A fantastic event that sat alongside our performance of Mister Holgado perfectly. If we plan any insect themed shows in the future I will definitely be calling on Minibeast Mayhem again!

The audience and ushers were all talking about it on their way out - the ushers are hard to please!
Minibeast Mayhem at Watchfield Primary School
Watchfield Primary School
Thanks so much for coming in and sharing your wonderful bugs with us last Wednesday! You were so generous with your time and my class of Year 5 children were kept captivated for a whole afternoon! They loved having the opportunity to handle all of the different animals and observe their behaviour at such close quarters. When we returned to the classroom every single child was bubbling with all the scientific facts that they had learnt about these wonderful creatures and the surprisingly large role that they play in our lives! You have inspired lots of budding entomologists… thank you once again!
Minibeast Mayhem at Faringdon Young Farmers
Longcot & Fernham Primary School
The 'From Farm to Fork' workshop was brilliant - Sally-Ann came to explain about the importance of growing healthy crops and good farming practice. My KS2 class were thoroughly engaged and learnt so much from this visit. Everyone was able to participate in the activities and could not stop talking about what they learned. I can thoroughly recommend this experience - it definitely is worth every penny!
Minibeast Mayhem at Charlbury Primary School
Berinsfield Primary School
We loved our session and it gave rise to lots of interest in bugs and minibeasts as well as inspiring the children to do some amazing writing too. All I can say is all of our children benefitted from the experience and some overcame some fears to touch and handle your insects. It really is an amazing session where children took onboard a lot of information about your invertebrates and then went on to use this in their play, writing and to extend their learning. You really pitched at the perfect level for the children and I think because of that they retained so much more information and still refer to the session a month of two down the line.
I look forward to booking you next year.
Minibeast Mayhem at Watchfield Primary School
Watchfield Primary School
Sally-Ann provided an absolutely amazing experience for our Foundation Stage children. The children were thoroughly engaged and incredibly astounded at the vast variety of mini-beasts that were available for them to encounter. It was a fantastic way to kick-off our topic and is highly recommended, Thank you so much!
Minibeast Mayhem at Charlbury Primary School
Oxford Castle Unlocked
Thank you so much for bringing Minibeast Mayhem to Oxford Castle Unlocked - it was really well received by visitors and staff alike. I really appreciate you going above and beyond to get here so early to set up ready for the visitors, and staying until all questions and curiosities had been satisfied! We had a marked increase in our visitors due to our publicity about your roadshow and I know many of these wanted to get involved with the activity - so thank you, and your team, for being equally welcoming and informative for each and every one!  Your knowledge, along with the opportunity to get hands on with the creatures, really made for fascinating and interactive experience. 
It was lovely to have you at the Castle, and personally to face my own fears by holding a giant cockroach!  If we hold a similar event in the future, I would be very glad to have you back.
Minibeast Mayhem at Buckland Primary School
Buckland Primary School
The whole school enjoyed a day of bugs and creepy crawlies. At first most of us were a bit scared but after a while we were holding all sorts! We learnt lots as Sally-Ann knew about everything and answered all our questions. It really helped with our topic work about habitats.
Katie Scott aged 10
Minibeast Mayhem at SS Peter and Paul Primary School
SS Peter and Paul Primary School
This morning, in nursery, one girl was holding up a plastic insect saying to an adult "I'm the mini beast lady. Would you like me to tell you what this is called?". Also a boy, when in the playground, brought me a shell saying "I've found a snail" and several children gathered round to stroke the shell. The visit has obviously stayed with them. Lovely! Thank you!
Minibeast Mayhem at The Garden Centre Group
The Garden Centre Group
Swindon garden centres' recent Insect, Bee and pollination awareness weekend turned out to be a great success. Undoubtedly the Stars of the event were the insects of the Minibeast Mayhem Bug Roadshow. We were delighted to see the interaction, interest raised awareness and popularity throughout the whole of the weekend. We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to Sally-Ann and her sons, 'and not forgetting the Bugs ofcourse' who made the event such a great success. I sincerely hope we will be able to arrange for Sally-Ann and her Bug Roadshow to visit the garden centre again.
Terence Wright
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